Certified Director Of Volunteer Services


In 1987, the Florida Association of Directors of Volunteer Services (FADVS) organized a committee whose purpose was to develop a statewide certification program that would promote and recognize professionalism in the field of volunteer management.  Through its implementation on March 21, 1990, Florida became the third state to develop a comprehensive certification program for its membership. 



 The overall goal and objectives of the Certification program are focused in three major areas:

1.   To set professional standards by which directors may evaluate their level of proficiency and competence within a standardized review process.

2.   To recognize excellence and validate professionalism in volunteer management.

3.   To increase knowledge through the promotion of continuing education on an ongoing basis with the Certification Maintenance   Program. To remain certified, individuals will need to re-certify every four years.



The Certification Committee is comprised of certified Directors of Volunteer Services responsible for overseeing the certification process, the content of the examination, and the coordination of mentorship of qualified candidates for the certification process, and the coordination of resources from the Educational Committee.

It will be the responsibility of the Certification Committee to report to the FADVS Board of Directors the status of the certification process, consult on any proposed changes, and assist in the recognition of newly certified and re-certified Directors of Volunteer Services.


To assist members in preparing for application and later for maintaining certification, The FADVS Education Committee is charged with selecting programs for the FADVS conference that promote professionalism and management skills enhancement.

FADVS educational program hours are automatically approved for certification.  Additionally, when there is question regarding the content of educational programs that are submitted for approval for re-certification, the Certification Committee will be responsible for the consultation with the Educational Committee.

 All certification applicants must fulfill these requirements:

1.       Active member in good standing for at least one year

 2.        Have acquired experience and/or education as follows:                      

A.      Bachelor’s Degree and one year of experience as a health care volunteer services director,


B.      Two years experience as a health care volunteer services director with no college degree

C.      Have attended a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education programs appropriate to the field of volunteer management and approved by the Educational Committee of the Certification program (not beyond two years prior to application) (form attached)

3.       Payment of $75.00 certification application fee (non-refundable)

4.       After receipt of the completed application and application fee, the Certification Committee will review the application, and if approved, will email the examination to the designated proctor listed by the candidate as the representative from their organization. 

5.       The proctor will email the Certification Committee Chairman to advise him/her once the exam is completed.

6.       The candidate will be informed within seven (7) business days of receipt of the exam as to the status of the examination and whether certification is to be awarded.



Candidates for certification are strongly encouraged to prepare for the examination utilizing volunteer management resources including those provided by FADVS, AHVRP, AVA, local Dovia, and other organizations.

To apply for the CDVS examination, please complete the Certification Application. 

This Certification Program is not the same as, nor does it duplicate the Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resources Certification Professionals certification, Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services (CAVS).

The FADVS Certification Program is not the same as, nor is it affiliated with, the Association for Volunteer Administration (A.V.A.) Certification Program, which is a multi-discipline national certification completed within a three-year period.

The FADVS Certification Program offers a detailed assessment of overall knowledge and professional skills of volunteer managers, coordinators, and assistants working specifically in health care.

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