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Member Submitted Best Practices

This page provides best practices submitted by FADVS members. Times submitted on this page are for information only and do not carry any endorsement from FADVS.

Documents are listed according to categories.  Click on links below each category to review the document.  Documents may appear in several different formats (pdf, Word, PowerPoint, etc.); therefore, you will need the appropriate software to open the file.

Volunteer Interview Questions:

Interview Questions SVMC.doc

Comunity Hospice Interview Questions.doc

Orlando Health Interview Questions.doc

Selecting Volunteers:

Fact or Fiction Educational Session,11.16.2012.pdf

Volunteer Applications:

Application SVMC.pdf

Application SVMC.doc

Volunteer Meal Card Survey:

Meal Ticket Survey 2018

Meal Ticket Survey Recap 2012.xlsx

Volunteer Compensation Survey:

FADVS Compensation Survey Results.pdf


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