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This page includes links to organizations and educational programs that may be of interest to you they have been submitted by FADVS members.  Items submitted on this page are for information only and do not carry any endorsement from FADVS. 

Links to Organizations You want to know

Association for Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals 

American Hospital Association

Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement

Association  of Florida Healthcare Auxiliaries and Volunteers 

Education From The Comfort of Your Office (Free Webinars)

Volunteer Match - Industry Specific Webinars - (membership is free)

 Leadership Development Webinars (membership is free)

Engage Your Volunteers And Educate Your Staff (Media)

AHA - The Power of One - Volunteer Edition 2:00 minutes (youtube) 2017

Hand Washing Video - All Children's Hospital (youtube) 

Student Volunteers - Their Story - Hamilton General Hospital (youtube)

In Case of A Bay Day (Inspiring / Motivational Video)

Cute clip from the movie UP




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