Membership Benefits

The mission of FADVS is to promote the skills of volunteer resource management through quality education, professional alliances and leadership development. We do this through a certification program, ongoing educational topics and networking.

A recent Annual Meeting included presentations, networking, and a vendor fair benefitting those involved in gift shop management. Our educational topics were:

1) “More than Stars,”  customer service initiatives presented by Mary McCormack

2) “Building Relationships with Community Partners Through Employee Volunteerism” on the value of engaging our employees with our communities, by Paulette Myzel

3) “Maximizing Your Workforce” shared by Jennifer Poole Wood, MSW, CDVS

4) “Journey to Create a Palliative Care Program” shared by Gerry Sanabria, CDVS

What our members say about FADVS:

"As a member, I appreciate the Forum where I can post a topic and learn what others are doing. I recently asked about Volunteer and Auxiliary Benefits and found the responses very helpful to me." - Amanda Smith

"I joined FADVS and found an organization that allowed me the opportunity to learn new things in volunteer management and most importantly to network with its members. That networking was so valuable to me and it still is today." - Jill Mondry

"I recently used the Member Forum to learn about exit surveys. Not only did I find who used them, I received a copy of a survey." - Beth Montelongo

"So amazing to be part of this group!" - Maria Rizzo

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